bumGenius 4.0 Sale

Nov 19, 2014

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bumGenius 4.0 Sale!

For a limited time only, bumGenius 4.0 cloth diapers are on sale!

Buy six diapers, get one free! Buy 12 diapers, get two free!

This offer is available both in stores and online. To receive your free diapers, add either the package of six diapers or package of 12 diapers, and your free selection(s) to your cart. Then at checkout, apply coupon code BGFREE6 (buy 6, get 1 free) or BGFREE12 (buy 12, get 2 free). (Albert, Stellar, and Jolly are not included in this promotion.)

Thinking about buying a few extra diapers? This sale is the perfect time:

Build a cloth diaper stash for your first baby  Brighten your collection with new colors  Pre-stuffed pockets are ideal for daycare New baby is on the way, but your older child is still in diapers  Washing every day? Add some more to lessen your laundry load!

Follow Us on Instagram

Nov 17, 2014

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Instagram Outfits

At The Nesting House, we LOVE used retail.  Not only is it a more sustainable way to shop, but there is a thrill in the hunt for gems.

The process of creating unique and interesting outfits that could never be constructed at the shopping mall is a part of the hunt.  Tea collection pants from last year with a Gap sweater that just seems like it was meant to go together.  Add a skirt that Oshkosh just hit right with design and it comes together in a way that could not be replicated by any other kid at preschool.  Sustainable and creative!

We have launched Instagram to showcase our own creative process for making outfits.  Go online and shop for outfits that are way more fun than the prefabbed Gymboree!

To purchase any of the outfits, click the link below the outfit to be taken to our Instagram checkout.  You can pick up in either store or have the items shipped.

Check out our Instagram feed: http://instagram.com/thenestinghouse


A sample of the outfits we offer on Instagram.


Win a Free Thirsties All-In-One!

Nov 15, 2014

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Thirsties All in One

Thirsties NEW One Size All In Ones are in store now.  These have just arrived and they are sweet! 

But do they really fit a newborn?  They are designed to work with an 8-pound baby.  Let’s put it to the test.  The first mom to come into each store with their newborn that weighs in between 8-9 pounds (we have scales) will receive a free diaper to take home, try out, and report back about its effectiveness. 

We know you are bleary-eyed and tired, so we imagine it might take a few days for the winners to make it out of the house!


For The Love of Wool

Enter to win a BaBee Greens Upcycled Cashmere Diaper if you subscribe to The Nesting House blog! More details at the bottom of this post.

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with Marni Duffy, wool connoisseur, cloth diaper manufacturer, and mom of three from Philly. Her passion for using wool is infectious and by the end of our conversation I felt like she shed an intriguing light on this sometimes intimidating diapering material.


According to Marni, wool is a supreme diapering material citing benefits for babies, their caregivers, and the environment. Wool provides breathability, optimum temperature regulation (good for developing reproductive organs and avoiding rashes), and uses no harsh chemicals during its manufacturing process. Lanolin, the natural oil produced by the sheep’s skin and found in it’s wool, is antibacterial and anti-fungal providing added moisture protection, requiring less washing and fewer diaper changes. Wool biodegrades in 1-3 years versus a plastic or other synthetic material which can take up to 300 years and it takes less energy to produce and clean.  

Then why does it seem that many parents, even the ones who choose cloth are forgoing wool? Often it comes down to two things: Cost & Convenience. Marni’s response to both was encouraging and poignant. Yes, wool is more expensive…up front. She pointed out that if you make an upfront investment in a few packs of well made pre-folds and just 4-5 high-quality wool covers, you are set. The longevity and resale value of wool is superior to most other materials and an investment in wool may actually save you money in the long term.



In addressing convenience, Marni agreed that hand washing, lanolinzing and air drying seem like a lot but on the flip side using wool lowers your washing frequency, lanolizing does not need to happen with every wash, and implementing simple home strategies (like bulk washing) can help to save time.   At the close of our conversation, Marni made a simple, but powerful statement, “sometimes the easiest choice is not the best”. Underlying the practicality of our entire discussion I felt the familiar tug of emotion I constantly experience as a parent who toddles the fine line between convenience and conviction. While cloth diapering with wool may not be the easiest choice in comparison to the plethora of options at our fingertips these days, it seems that by integrating even just a few wool pieces in our diapering repertoire can be a satisfying, worthwhile choice.


    Marni’s Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Lanolizing Your Wool:

Heat 1 cup water Add a pea to dime size of solid lanolin to the water Add a few drops of wool wash and mix until milky Add mixture to a basin of lukewarm water and stir Add wool covers inside out and gently soak for 30 minutes – overnight Take the diapers out of the basin Lay between two towels and squeeze out excess moisture, being careful not to twist Lay flat to dry

Depending on your baby’s habits, lanolizing typically needs to be done every 1-2 months.


About Marni

In 2008, after the birth of her second child and overcoming her own initial apprehension of wool, Marni began experimenting by making a few diapers out of some old sweaters. After many unsuccessful attempts and years of honing her design skills and knowledge of wool Marni has emerged as a successful manufacturer and purveyor of a wide array of beautiful fitted wool diapers and covers which can be purchased through The Nesting House or her online Etsy store, Rebourne.  

How to Persuade the Reluctant Male to Cloth Diaper

May 3, 2014

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Hello, my name is Chris. I am a man, and I cloth diaper.

As you read this, I am sure you are conjuring up a mental image of the type of guy I am. Before you go through this entire article with that mental image, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Parts of who I am probably fit nicely into your image. I happen to own a natural parenting store and am comfortable talking about breast feeding supplements, the softness of bamboo, and the effects of Baltic amber for teething relief. I also grow organic vegetables and like the taste of granola. Now, I am also a man in the stereotypical sense too. I got into this line of work because my wife owned the store and needed help. It seemed like a better gig than the job I had and I always wanted to own my own business. I love what I do and am passionate about it, but this would not exactly have been the business plan I would have written for myself. Personally, I wanted to own a bar. I love football and all forms of competition. I love power tools, beer, and roughhousing with my five-year-old.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the relationship between cloth diapers and men. On a daily basis I meet women who are excited to cloth diaper but happen to be married to a reluctant partner. I get it. I don’t care to deal with poop and I definitely am not thrilled about adding a bunch of extra steps to the diapering process. Convincing the reluctant man to cloth diaper is about finding the way that it makes sense. Not the way that makes sense in a woman’s mind, but the way it makes sense in a man’s.

Men tend to like the easy approach to things. If the toothpaste stays in the tube without the lid, why bother putting the lid back on? This is wasted energy. I could lift the seat when I pee, which is guaranteed effort on my part, or try to pee with the seat down, hoping not to dribble on it. The latter presents the better odds of having to do nothing, and so I tend to choose it most of the time. This is how I process the world and I know many other men who do too. I tend to use the same type of logic when it comes to cloth diapering. I am married to a woman who has been affectionately nicknamed the diaper lady. In our house, we have a bin of diapers of just about every shape, size and style. As is true to my nature, I will dig around in the bin searching for an all-in-one diaper. For those unfamiliar with cloth diapering, all-in-ones are all-encompassing. The water-proof cover and absorbent diaper are one unit. Sometimes I will search in the bin for an all-in-one longer than it would take me to put any other type of diaper on, but still, despite logic, I search for the easiest diaper to put on. My intention here is not to come across as logical, but just to share a glimpse of the inner workings of many men. If a man is not convinced about cloth, I advise that you lean towards all-in-ones. Explain to them that it is basically as easy as disposables, but instead of dropping it in the trashcan when soiled, you drop it in the laundry pail.

No difference at all! Well a little bit different, but let’s not split hairs.

Men most likely will question this argument a bit and for good reason. I completely ignored the poop part in the last paragraph. If the man in question is looking for easy, the answer is biodegradable flushable liners. These are often rice paper or bamboo liners that are laid inside cloth diapers. When the baby poops, the liner gets dropped in the toilet and the diaper in the pail. It’s as easy as that. Liners used with all-in-ones is a set-up that the reluctant male can be convinced of. And if he needs more convincing, you can always bring up money.

Men like a little disposable income that is reserved for them. Not a Chuck E. Cheese fund for family fun night, but a stash of cash to buy whatever toy he might want. Perhaps he wants a little extra golf money, a new fishing rod or tickets to a ball game. If a woman wants to cloth diaper and her partner strongly objects, he will change his mind quickly if he understands the following. A solid stash of cloth diapers costs about $500. The cost of disposables for the diapered life of a child is about $2500. That is $2000 that maybe could end up in his pocket! Yes, it’s bribery. And it works. I recommend offering something more like $500 to start. That way you have room to up the offer if he is not initially convinced.

I am not going to go over all the benefits of cloth diapers. There are many, but that is not the objective here. And I am not suggesting that all-in-ones are the only option worth considering. I am simply trying to create a plan for the woman with the reluctant male partner. If he has said no already or gives some sort of cynical response when you bring it up, just remember that a man can be convinced as long as he understands that it can be very easy and put a decent chunk of change in his pocket.

Christopher Kinka is the co-owner of The Nesting House in Philadelphia, PA and Collingswood, NJ. The Nesting House is a natural parenting store offering high-quality new and gently-used items with an aim to uphold a mission of social and environmental stewardship.

Over Some Pecan Pie: The Story of The Nesting House

May 3, 2014


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The Nesting House - Mount Airy

It was 2006, just after the birth of my first child. I lived in Mount Airy and grew organic vegetables on my front lawn. I wanted to make parenting decisions the way I made all the decisions in my life, with great care and thoughtfulness about the impacts of my decisions. Fortunately, my neighborhood had a wonderful non-profit safe haven for mom’s called The Maternal Wellness Center. It was here that I found my support system. It was here that I took my birth classes, went to new mom’s group and eventually became good friends with the center’s co-founder, Meredith Jacoby.

At the time, I was very interested in cloth diapering, but in cloth diaper land, 2006 was a long time ago. There was no store to go to and no local workshops to take. I would sit with my baby on my lap and surf the web, learning what I could. I attempted to sew my own, but that didn’t go so well. Back in 2006, I had no choice but to buy diapers online without ever holding them in my hands. I bought some for my daughter, then bought some more. Before I knew it I was buying them for the whole neighborhood and running workshops at the Maternal Wellness Center. I built wholesale accounts with a variety of companies and began selling diapers off my front porch. I started the Philadelphia Cloth Diaper Connection, and before long became known locally as the diaper lady.

A few years passed and the Maternal Wellness Center closed its doors, leaving a massive void in the community and a vacant storefront at 606 Carpenter Lane. This was not only a loss to Mount Airy but a loss to the city, because at the time, very little like it existed for moms in the area. Around the time that this happened, Meredith and I were out to dinner to talk about a potentially going into business together. We had each just given birth to our second child, burying us deeper in motherhood. How we were going to start a business on top of our mothering duties was yet to be determined. Meredith was loaded with ideas. We almost started an urban farm! But in the end, my front porch cloth diaper business and the new void left by the closing of the Maternal Wellness Center made it obvious what we needed to create.

It was over a piece of pecan pie that The Nesting House was born. We wanted to create a space for people to have their natural parenting needs met. A place where one child’s outgrown clothes could become someone else’s new seasonal wardrobe. A place where cloth diapers could be felt and baby carriers could be tried on. We wanted to open the store that we ourselves wanted to shop in as young mothers trying to be conscious of our consumptive habits and the new environmental footprints of our young children.

In May of 2010, we opened our store at the intersection of Carpenter and Greene. It just so happened to be the physical space vacated by the Maternal Wellness Center. It seemed that the store we wanted was also the store others did as well. We have developed an amazingly loyal and dedicated customer base that we are quite grateful for and are pleased to serve. As the need for such products and offerings continued to grow, we have also expanded, opening our second store in Collingswood, NJ.

It was a strange trip for me that started with trying to meet my own natural parenting needs with my mother’s old sewing machine. Now my husband and I own two stores in two states. As long as our services are needed, we intend to be here helping parents the best way we know how.


Items of the Week

Jan 18, 2014

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Item of the Week

Our featured item of the week at the Collingswood store is this sweet Me & Ko “Lollipop” swing dress. As seen on Suri Cruise, bright candy-colored swirls adorn this tie-back dress. Size 6, $10. → Read more