Cloth Diaper Comparison Chart


What are the best cloth diapers?

This question has to be answered by every family individually.  You may find what works great for your friend may not be the best cloth diaper for you.  There are many factors to consider including your personal budget, your desire for convenience as well as deciding on what kind of fabrics you are most comfortable with.

Cost vs. Convenience: Some diapers such as prefolds and inserts (also known as “All in Two’s) can be very cost effective.  You can save a lot of money since the outer layer is reused multiple times before it needs to be washed.  Where pocket diapers and All in One’s are more costly since you wash the entire thing every time, but can be incredibly convenient especially for “on the go” or child care providers.

Natural vs Synthetic Fibers: Synthetic Fibers are less expensive and often have a stay dry quality to them. This can be advantageous if you may not be able to change your child right away since it is a bit more comfortable.  Natural fibers are more expensive, but are biodegradable and support farmers instead of manufactured synthetics.  Also, children who experience a wetness in their diaper often times potty train much younger.

Hemp vs. Cotton: Cotton is often less expensive, but hemp is 40% more absorbent than cotton. Cotton works for most daytime diapering, but often times hemp is needed for night diapering. Hemp is also always naturally organic.

Note on Bamboo: Bamboo’s growing process is a sustainable one, but once woven into a fabric often loses its ability to be biodegradable. Bamboo is 70% more absorbent then cotton. Bamboo also has natural antimicrobial properties that can help keep rash at bay.

Diapers That Need Covers Cost Pros & Cons
  • Cotton: $2
  • Org. Cotton: $3
  • Hemp: $7
  • Bamboo: $4
  • Stay Dry: $4
Your most inexpensive option. Can use tri-folded with a cover or wrapped around the baby with a snappi and cover.
Inserts / All In Two’s
  • Cotton: $6
  • Org. Cotton: $8
  • Hemp: $8
  • Bamboo: $9
  • Stay Dry: $5
Used by lying insert inside of a cover. Still inexpensive, but skip the tri-folding step. May be a little less bulky then a prefold.
Fitted Diapers
  • Cotton: $5 – 15
  • Org. Cotton: $15
  • Hemp: $20
  • Bamboo: $15
Shaped like a diaper, may have snap or Velcro closures. More expensive, but may need less covers due to elastic containing messes inside diaper.
No Cover Needed Cost Pros & Cons
  • Micro Terry: $15 – 25
  • Hemp: $20
Once stuffed, mimics the experience of a disposable. Can double stuff for added absorbency.
All in Ones
  • Cotton: $20
  • Org. Cotton: $25
  • Stay Dry: $15 – 25
Most convenient option. Like a pocket, but no need to stuff. Sometimes are less absorbent then a pocket. Diaper that mimics a disposable the most.