Newborn "Try It" Bundle

The Nesting House


If you want to try cloth diapers and would like a mix of materials to see what works for you, here is a reasonably priced newborn bundle. With this bundle, you save an average of 10% across all brands included! 

It includes the following, enough for a 3 day wash cycle:

3 Newborn bumGenius Organic All in Ones, 3 Thirsties Stay Dry All in Ones, 3 Grovia Newborn All in Ones, 5 Luludew Newborn Fitted's, 12 Bumgenius Stay Dry Doublers. 2 Packs of Grovia Hybrid (disposable) Inserts, 2 Thirsties x-Small Covers and 2 Blueberry Newborn Covers

Here are the benefits of each type of diaper in this bundle:

All In One Diapers -easy one-step process, easy for all caregivers to use

Fitted Diapers -the most absorbent type of diaper, great for nighttime

Cloth Inserts (doublers) -an economical way to diaper

Hybrid (disposable) Inserts -great for travel! Or if cloth diapering gets too burdensome, use hybrids, which are as easy as traditional disposables, but substantially better for the environment.

Covers - used with your fitted diapers, inserts(doublers), and hybrid inserts

Remember when you are done, we have a newborn diaper buy-back program,  through our buy, sell, trade!