(Diaper) Bag of a Lifetime

Mar 3, 2016


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So, a guy walked into a bar… Or in this case, a baby store. About a year ago, a man walked into the store with a prototype of a diaper bag. Jesse told us his story of being a stay at home dad and that he had created the bag design and sewn the sample himself. He wanted our thoughts on the design and if we would change anything. We loved the look of it, gave him our feedback, said we would love to sell it, and off he went.  

To our surprise (because you never know how life goes and we see a lot of samples!) we received in the mail about a month ago, a finished, ready to sell bag. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product and are really calling this the (Diaper) Bag of a Lifetime. 

Not only does this bag have a removable changing pad in the back, under a fold out flap for floor protection, there are so many compartments, you can keep everything organized. It is big enough to use as a weekend bag or carry your tech, once the kids are our of diapers. Made of waxed canvas, brass and leather, this bag will hold up until your kids are old enough to want it for themselves!

For more information or to order the bag, please visit our website.