Growing Up and Getting Bigger!
We are so excited to announce the news of the move
of our original Mt. Airy location to a larger space just a block away!
When we opened 8 years ago, we never imagined the community support we would receive
and the customer needs we would be asked to meet (which have filled our little space to the ceiling)!
Even more touching is the reaction we get when a family believes they are about to grow out of our store.
With all of this in our thoughts, it was time for a move.
The New Space will offer:

  • Your family
  • Your community and maintaining the culture of where you have chosen to live
  • A small business run by members of your community, who get to know you and your family
  • Maintaining a healthier planet by keeping clothing out of landfills and choosing
  • Earth friendly new items that last longer and can often be re-sold.
  • We are so grateful for your continued support. And we have some really fun donor gifts!
By contributing to the move,
you are investing in:
  • Expanded sizes: maternity through kids 10/12 (that’s 13 years or more to be part of our family!)
  • Double the retail space: allowing for a more organized and happier shopping experience
  • Larger clothing racks: allowing for more clothing to choose from in your sizes
  • More play spaces for your little ones and a hang-out area for you.

In order to grow with you and continue to provide more of what you have asked for, we need your help!

We expect renovations to be a minimum of $30,000.