try cloth diapers for free!

The Nesting House 30-Day Diaper Trial is a risk-free way to try a variety of diapers before committing to certain brands or types.


FIrst, add the free product Cloth Diaper Trial to activate the trial, then add each diaper you want to try to your cart. Or visit us in-store!

Choose up to 10 different diapers then use them for up to 30 days. Return any diapers you don’t want to keep for a full refund in store credit.

Returned diapers will be cycled into our gently used section for a new family to find and enjoy!


You can choose multiple diapers from the same brand, but each one needs to be different in type (ex. all-in-ones vs. pockets) or material (natural vs. stay dry)

Prefolds, flats, newborn diapers, and diaper accessories are not eligible. No other discounts or offers may be combined with the trial.

ready to get started?

trial diaper care instructions

  • Rinse poopy diapers right away, or use diaper liners to remove solids then store in a dry pail between laundry days.
  • Use your machine's pre-wash cycle on COLD or WARM (not hot) to rinse urine before washing.
  • Wash your diapers on HOT or WARM water with an extra rinse cycle, using a cloth diaper safe detergent.
  • Do not use water hotter then 120 degrees, which can damage elastic.
  • Dry diapers thoroughly on LOW or MEDIUM heat, or hang to dry (hook & loop closures cannot go in the dryer).
  • Do not use any fabric softeners, fragrance or perfumes!

Returned diapers must be clean, dry, stain-free, and odor-free. A staff member will inspect them to confirm they are in acceptable condition for return. 

Returned diapers that do not meet these guidelines are not eligible for a full refund, but they can be processed through our Buy Sell Trade Program to be purchased according to our used diaper buying standards.

free support

We offer free cloth & carrier support every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 10-2. Let our knowledgeable staff guide you through use and care during the 30-day trial!

need to start from the beginning?

join us for an upcoming free diaper workshop! You will walk away with an understanding of the different types and brands of diapers we offer, how to care for them, and why cloth diapering makes good economic and environmental sense.