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for a natural, sustainable, and uncomplicated start to parenting

we are creating a circular economy that starts with you


Only at The Nesting House can you register for both new and used baby gear, clothing, and essentials.

here's how!

choose high quality new things that are made to last

When you add these slow-to-no-waste items to your registry, you are infusing our circular economy with things that hold value. They will pass from one child to the next, from your family to another, instead of going straight to the trash after one use.

you are also making an investment in the wellness of your family, your community & the planet

choose carefully selected & affordable used things, too

Adding used options to your registry helps keep cheap junk out of the system entirely and gives your friends and family a balanced range of price points to choose from.

Our beautiful selection of secondhand clothing, carriers, cloth diapers, sleeping & changing essentials, bath & health items, and feeding & eating supplies is available to everyone to shop in-store or add to a registry.

ready to create your circular baby registry?


Build a registry with a value of $1500 in new items, and we will share our entire selection of used baby gear with you.

You'll also receive a 15% off completion discount and a bundle of gently used pregnancy wear in the size and season of your choice!*

features & benefits of all nesting house registries

  • add items from anywhere with our universal registry functionality
  • scan items to your registry in-store
  • sync or merge multiple registries for a streamlined experience for friends and family
  • enable group gifting on big ticket items and offer gift card purchases
  • enjoy easy and robust back-end management, including thank you note tracking

*all registries, regardless of value, receive a 10% off completion discount and can include gently used clothing and newborn essentials

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Our newborn essentials checklist can help you get started.