Arm's Reach Ideal Co-sleeper Natural Mattress

Arms Reach


If you are looking for the Ideal mattress to go with your Ideal Co-Sleeper® look no further. The comfort factor is great, but nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with the Arm's Reach® Nature Perfect Naturals. These mattresses are made with: wool, organic cotton, natural latex and untreated birch plywood. The plywood is pocketed inside the mattress with organic fabric.  The glue used in the birch plywood is Carb II Certified. 


Measures: 38" x 23" x 1.5"


This mattress fits the full sized Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper only.  If you have a Mini Co-Sleeper, please order the Mini Co-Sleeper Natural Mattress.


Care Instructions:  

  • Spot clean only 
  • Air Dry 
  • Do not sun dry