Baby Jives & Co. Necklace or Pin - Aqua Dragon

Baby Jives & Co
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I am strong like a dragon, I have courage in my heart.I am fierce in my life and I know I can fly far.

Each dragon necklace or pin is handmade with love to remind whoever wears it of their power and give them a talisman to help when they need it.
They can share the affirmation or keep it to themselves. ⁠
Whatever their heart wants. ⁠
Whatever they need.


+ comes as a necklace OR pin (you choose)

+ there's a lucky penny hidden in every dragon!

+ handmade in our Philadelphia studio with embroidered wool blend felt, sequins and beads

+ measures approximately 3x3 in or 7x7 cm

Made with small parts, not intended for children under 3