Nesting House Registry Items

♻ Bedside Co-Sleeper for TNH Registry


A Nesting House Registry Exclusive...

What's the #1 perk of registering with The Nesting House? You can add gently used baby gear to your wishlist! Think secondhand strollers, bouncers, bath tubs, and more -- all vetted by our trained staff and in excellent condition. 

When someone purchases re-cycled gear from your registry, we shop the best of our in-store inventory or hold the item for you as soon as one arrives. 

Including gently used items on your registry is smart, sustainable, and affordable. When you are finished using these items, or if your baby disagrees with what you picked out :) keep them out of the landfill by selling back to us for store credit or cash!

Standard includes brands like Halo Bassinest Flex model, Baby Delight, Delta, Ingenuity or similar

Mid-range includes brands like Halo Bassinest 3.0 model, Arms Reach, Baby Bay or similar

Extra Sweet! includes the Halo Bassinest 3.0 Soothing & Luxe models or similar