Cleaning Services by Volta Cleaning


Volta is a local Philadelphia buisness who not only cleans homes, but also makes their own natural cleaning products.  In additon to cleaning,  they offer the service of working with you to help you understand things that can be done to help keep a home organized and flowing well between cleanings.
This purchase allows a 2 person team come to your home for 2 hours to work with you to get your house to a place that makes you feel good.
If this is a gift, or is purchased from a registry, the reciever will get a gift certificate that may be used at their convenience.  A few words below will helps you understand Volta's philosphy as a business.
We want you to know that with Volta Naturals you will not only get a clean and organized house, but a house thoughtfully put together. When we arrive at a job, we come prepared with our own supplies and house-made cleaners.  We pride ourselves on taking care of our clients and believe that living and working in a clean, organized and beautiful environment is essential for us to be in good health and high spirits.
We try to accommodate the diverse living and working habits of everyone that we serve, beginning with the first time we come to clean. The "first time clean" usually takes longer as we learn the ways in which your space works and feels best to you. After the second cleaning, we generally have a good idea of how long subsequent cleanings will take and can sufficiently provide you with a budgetary estimate. We understand everyone lives differently, even week to week, and we like to remain flexible to any changes that may occur on an as-needed basis.