Djeco Kinoptik Animonsters


Build and animate all kinds of weird and wild creatures!

Each of the twenty-five magnetic pieces is printed with another part of another strange monster. Some feature limbs. Others feature vibrant patterns. Some feature wacky eyes and mouths full of big, sharp teeth.

Kids can arrange the monster parts any way they want atop the magnetic board to build an endless variety of possible beasts – like a giant octopus with bat wings, or a cooky lizard with spider legs.

Then, glide one of the two plastic sheets over your finished monster and watch – Suddenly all the shapes and limbs start moving, flapping, spinning, and crawling!

Vibrantly designed with unique and stunning shapes, characters, and patterns, the Kinoptik Animonster set is a thrilling adventure that'll keep kids exploring and experimenting for hours on end.

Kinoptik Animonster

  • Creative monster-building magnets that come to life with kinoptik animation
  • Encourages creativity, cause-effect learning, experimentation, storytelling
  • Unique and stunning shapes, characters, and patterns
  • Arrange magnetic pieces any way you want to build an endless variety of possible monsters
  • Slide plastic sheet over finished monster to see it come to life with fascinating animation
  • Lines on sheet make specially designed images look like they're moving!
  • Includes magnetic board, 2 plastic sheets, 25 magnetic pieces
  • Detailed instruction book included
  • High quality materials for exceptional monster-building experience