Djeco Kinoptik City


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Design and animate your own busy, bustling city!

Each of the 123 magnetic pieces is printed with another part of a city – Another building, another pipe structure, and another unique scene.

Arrange the pieces any way you want, making sure all the winding and whirling pipes are connected. Then, grab one of the two plastic sheets and start sliding it over your metropolis.

Suddenly, your quiet, stationary ghost town bursts into action with moving dots and flashing lights!

Whether you're a future city planner or simply interested in creative exploration, the Kinoptik City is sure to fill your imagination with inspiration and wonder.

Kinoptik City

  • Magnetic tiles for building custom cities that come to life with kinoptik animation
  • Encourages fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills, creativity, planning, cause-effect learning
  • A fascinating adventure in creative exploration
  • Arrange city tiles any way you want, making sure to connect the winding pipes
  • Slide plastic sheet over finished design to see dots move through the pipes and illustrated lights flash
  • Lines on sheet make specially designed images look like they're moving!
  • Includes magnetic board, 2 plastic sheets, 123 magnetic pieces
  • Detailed instruction book included
  • High quality materials for exceptional city building and animating experience