Djeco Kinoptik Robots


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  • COMES TO LIFE - Make your mad-scientist, robot-building dreams come true! The Djeco Kinoptik Robots magnetic board visually come to life in this optical illuison kit. Design a visual robotic mechanism using the 60 illustrated boards that come included.
  • SIXTY PIECE PROJECT - Each of the sixty magnetic pieces is printed with another vibrant part of another strange and outrageous robot. Arms, legs, circuits, eyes, antennae, and mouths full of electronic teeth – Kids can arrange them any way they want atop the magnetic board to build any kind of robot their imaginations can conjure.
  • EDUCATIONAL EXCITEMENT - The robotics field involves physics, engineering and computer science. This kit is an excellent and fun introduction to these interdisciplinary subjects while having fun with an interactive, technologically-advanced toy.
  • STEM LEARNING TOY - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; rather than teach the four methods as separate and individual subjects, STEM consolidates them into a interconnected learning standard based on real-world application Through this building clock toy, kids can learn the pendulum clock principle,explore the mysteries of the timing model. Through the construction process, kids can also learn about problem solving and attention to detail when reading the manual.