Gently Used Girl Clothing Bundle -Summer Outfits plus bonus piece!

Gently used online


This is a bundle of gently used clothes that will include the following: 5 summer outfits.  Examples of what may be included as a summer outfit are a sundress, a romper, a pair of shorts with a top, or a skirt and a top.  We will be going with casual wear, unless you specify that you would want something more dressy in the notes.

The bonus piece may be a sun hat, a pair of pajamas, a sweatshirt, a rash guard, a bathing suit cover-up or if you indicate the size and style in the notes, a pair of shoes.

We are going to do our best to make them fun and balanced with regards to brand quality! 

Feel free to leave comments in the notes to help guide us with building your package.  Although extreme specifics will be too difficult (such as "superman t-shirt please"), we welcome things like "I prefer skirts over shorts" or "my son loves the color purple".


*Substitutions may be necessary

*Price reflects an average 

*Used retail is final sale, but feel free to sell the items back to us!