Life Without Plastic Wood Dish Brush with Natural Bristles

Life without Plastic

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This plastic-free wooden brush is plain, beautiful, and rustic-chic. With a handle made from beechwood and bristles made from coconut fibers, the entire brush is fully compostable. 

Unlike this natural, compostable, elegant brush, plastic dish brushes constantly release micro and nanoplastics through friction as they are used. They are often used for a short period of time, and get discarded as soon as their bristles start to lose their shape. Because of the mix of different plastic types they are made of, they are not readily recyclable, and instead end up in a landfill at the end of their lives. The wooden brush stands above its plastic counterparts, and takes a sustainable stance against plastic kitchen tools.

Ideal to clean bottles, containers and pretty much anything. 

Additional Information:


- Length: 33cm / 13"

- Bristle head width: 6cm / 2.36"

Materials: handle made of beechwood, bristles made of coconut fibers.

Care Instructions: rinse soap, shake excess water off, allow to dry thoroughly.

Country of Manufacture: China

Health and Environment: plastic-free, BPA-free, compostable