Bamboo Toothbrush - Equality

Mama P

Adults can take a lesson on equality from children. Children are quick to make friends — ignoring differences while celebrating similarities. So honor your child’s kind nature with a toothbrush that represents pure acceptance.

  • Handcrafted bamboo toothbrush handle — lightweight and compostable
  • Soft nylon brushes — perfect for your child's sensitive teeth and gums
  • Lasts as long as other leading toothbrushes
  • Gorgeous colored bottom featuring non-toxic paint — prevents water pooling after brushing
  • Sales from the purple line go towards fighting for and protecting Human Equality
  • Free shipping in the US

The purpose of the purple line is simple but powerful: to live in a world where LOVE = LOVE.

But we know change starts at home — from the moment you brush your teeth in the morning.

That’s why our purple (Equality) line features rainbow colored bristles inspired by the pride flag. Or as your child sees them — striped candy and magical unicorns. Whatever your view, we celebrate them.

Our deep commitment to LGBTQ equality has led us to proudly support the work of The Trevor Project.

The Trevor Project provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ and young questioning individuals under the age of 25.