Rebourne's One Size Wool Cover


Are you looking for a soft diaper cover made from sustainable, breathable fabrics instead of the usual plastics? This woolie wrap is the perfect answer, and will grow with your baby from 8 to 35 + pounds.
Diaper your baby in luxury with wool covers, regulating their body temperature through every season.


It is a one-size-fits-all cover that snaps on instead of pulling on. The outer layer is an upcycled wool that has been very lightly felted. The inside layer is an unfelted, OEKA-TEX certified wool (95% wool, 5% lycra for stretch). This cover features elastic casings along the legs and back opening for comfortable and secure coverage. With 4 snaps on each wing, there are many snapping positions for the perfect fit on a wide range of body types and diapers.


SIZE: 8-35 pounds. You won’t have to buy as many covers, and you can use these for subsequent kids or sell them when you are done with them!