Sakura Bloom Basics Linen Onyx w/ Gold Rings

Sakura Bloom

Fine Belgian linen spun and woven into two distinctly different weights of linen. Balanced perfection for your choosing of a single or double layer sling. Each one hand dyed + tumble dried in LA, and then crafted right here in our coastal San Diego workshop. 

Single Layer- We spin a strong, heavy weight flax yarn and couple that with a dense weave to create the ultimate in single layer support.

Sakura Slings:

Grow with your baby from infancy to toddler

Are easy on/off, just cinch up

Are perfect for breastfeeding, wherever you are

Promote bonding and calm fussy babies

Are great for naps when you are out and about

Mimic natural arms carrying position

Are easy to care for and get stronger and softer over time

Allow you to get work done and make both of you happy

Include a full color instructional book

Are Made in the USA