Stokke Xplory



The ultimate connection stroller

  • Raises your baby higher to promote eye contact and connection
  • Suitable from newborn with optional Stokke Xplory Carry Cot
  • Multiple parent and forward facing stroller seat positions
  • Suitable for toddlers up to 45 lbs with the Stokke Stroller Seat
  • 360° lockable swivel wheels for effortless maneuverability
  • Part of a travel system when combined with a car seat

Ultimate manoeuverability

  • New look wheels are lighter, stronger and more durable, complementing the function and quality of Stokke's signature stroller
  • Ergonomic height and angle adjustable handle provides a wide range of positions
  • Two-wheel function makes it easy to stroll on rough and uneven surfaces (on the beach, on pebbles etc.)
  • Easy swivel front wheels make it easy to manoeuver in tight spaces
  • Open design with space between the wheels and no crossbar to restrict the way you walk

Stokke Stroller Seat

  • Raises your child higher, promoting interaction while you explore the world together
  • Fits all table heights in cafés/restaurants
  • 3 parent facing positions: sleep, rest and active, and two forward facing positions: rest and active
  • Soft padded seat
  • Depth adjustable baby pad
  • An extra cushion reduces the seat depth to fit the smallest babies
  • The adjustable foot rest eliminates dangling feet and stimulates movement and variation whilst sitting

Carry Cot

  • Height adjustable- brings the baby closer to mom and dad
  • Curved base with air ventilation
  • Integrated pockets for storage
  • Optional opening for ventilation through 30% of the hood to prevent your child from overheating. Opening protected by mosquito net
  • Carry handles fastened to the sturdy plastic gives a very safe solution when carrying the cot
  • Visor for extra protection from wind and light. Can be folded back or removed by unzipping it from the hood
  • Soft interior lining provides a comfortable environment for the baby
  • Cover lined for extra protection
  • Removable for temperature regulation and allows easy access to the baby

Travel System

  • Stokke offers two car seats that can be used with Stokke strollers without the use of adaptors: The Stokke® iZi Go™ X1 by BeSafe® and the Stokke® iZi Sleep™ X3 by BeSafe™
  • Stokke® offers Car Seat Adaptors making it possible to use selected models of car seats made by other manufacturer

What's incuded:


  • Stokke® Xplory® Chassis (1)
  • Stokke® Stroller Seat (2)
  • Stokke® Stroller Canopy with Visor (3)
  • Stokke® Stroller Accessory Bag (4)
  • Stokke® Stroller Seat Baby Pad (5)
  • Stokke® Stroller Seat Handle (6)
  • Stokke® Stroller Footrest (7)
  • Stokke® Xplory® Shopping Bag (8)
  • Stokke® Stroller Seat Rain Cover (9)
  • Stokke® Stroller Seat Mosquito Net (10)
  • Stokke® Stroller Harness Protector (11)
  • Stokke® Stroller Cup Holder (12)
  • Stokke® Stroller Parasol (13)