What is the difference between the Buy, Sell, Trade program and Consignment?

Our Buy, Sell, Trade program offers the customer the chance to bring in smaller items to sell (see list). The store will purchase items directly from the customer’s drop-off bag and the customer will receive their choice of cash or store credit as soon as the bag is processed (within 4 days of the drop-off, or immediately, in the case of On The Spot Buying days).  The transaction is complete after the store buys from a bag. There is no waiting for items to sell from the store.

Items brought in for consignment (larger items like strollers, swings, high chairs), will be inspected with the customer and if the store wants to take it in, we will come up with a selling price with the customer. The customer will receive their cash after the item sells.

Please see the Buy, Sell, Trade and Consignment Agreements for more details.

Why does the store not sell used car seats?

Used car seats can be very dangerous. If they have been in an accident and therefore compromised, no one should be using them. It is best to buy new in this case, or get one from a trusted friend.

Why can’t the store call me when a certain item comes in I have been looking for?

Unfortunately, we get so many requests for very specific items, with 3 locations we would have to hire someone just to keep track of this list and the items coming and going. There is no efficient way for us to promise an item to a customer and flag that item when and if, it comes in to one of the 3 locations.

Why do you sometimes buy most of a drop-off bag and other weeks you only buy a few pieces?

Our buying is different every week because it greatly depends on what the stores need. We have trained buyers for each location who know what the locations are low on or are overstocked with. We do not have the space to keep large quantities of back stock. It also depends on what customers bring in to sell and what they buy off of the shelves! We often buy clothing in small sizes more prudently because everyone has good condition baby clothing-it is worn for such a short period. Clothing 2T and above is bought a little more heavily because these clothes often get torn, stained, etc…

Factors that change our buying week to week include: the beginning or end of a season, being in the correct season we are currently buying, over or under-stocked items, size of clothing, condition of  items brought in, how many drop-offs we have that week, and more…

Yes, our goal and philosophy of the store is for people to re-use items but we also want them to be of good quality so our customers are getting the most out of what they pay for. We also have to go with our general guidline of what is considered “sellable” condition, even though all customers will have a different idea of what that means to them.

Why will you not take an item if it doesn’t have working batteries?

We inspect every item that comes into the store. Without working batteries, we cannot accurately price an item or promise our customers that it works, since we haven’t been able to test it.

Why are there no returns on used items?

We cannot accept returns on used items because, most often, there is no way for us to know if that item actually came from our store.

More questions and answers coming soon!


Feel free to call the store of your choice, with questions about a specific drop you want to make.