What do we need right now?  Here are our current needs!  




Newborn & Preemie: all garments selectively 

0-3m & 3-6m: all selectively except pajamas normally

6-12m: feminine clothing selectively; bodysuits generously; all else normally

12-18 & 18-24m: generously buying all casual tees, shorts & leggings; feminine & masculine shirts; and pajamas / all other garments selectively

2T & 3T: all garments generously

4T: feminine dresses & tops generously; all masculine generously except tees & shorts

5 & 6: all feminine garments generously; all masculine generously except tees & shorts

7/8: all garments generously

Swimwear: all sizes normally

Outerwear: rain jackets & pants generously year round! 

Summer Hats: selectively

Schoolwear: normally

*we are no longer buying or selling children's size 10/12 or maternity clothing* 



Newborn to 5 Toddler: buying normally

6-7: buying selectively

8-9: buying normally

10-11: buying generously

12 to Youth 3: buying normally

*we buy sneakers & rain boots year round, all other types seasonally*



buying all types of diapers generously except microfiber inserts; carriers normally



hardcover and paperback storybooks selectively; chapter and board books generously; parenting books selectively; games & puzzles selectively, all others normally