What do we need right now?  Here are our current needs!  


Preemie: buying selectively

Newborn: buying normally

0-3 m: buying selectively

3-6 m: buying selectively

6-12 m: liberally: boy clothing // selectively: girl clothing 

12-18 m: buying selectively

18-24 m: liberally: girl clothing, boy pants and rompers // selectively: boy tops

2T: buying selectively

3T: liberally: dresses, all pants // selectively: boy tops

4T: liberally: dresses, boy pants // selectively: boy tops, girl pants and tops, pjs

5: liberally: dresses // selectively: girl jeans and tops

6: buying liberally

7/8: liberally: dresses, girl pants // normally: all else

*We are no longer accepting children's size 10-12 and maternity clothing.* 



Newborn to 5 Toddler: buying liberally

6-7: buying selectively

8-9: buying liberally

10-11: buying liberally

12 to Youth 3: buying selectively


Cloth Diapers:

Newborn Diapers: buying liberally

Inserts: buying selectively

Prefolds: buying liberally

All-In-Ones/Twos: buying normally

Covers: buying normally

Fitted Diapers: buying normally



Children's Books: buying liberally

Toys: buying liberally

Outerwear: liberally: rain/snow pants and jackets, mittens // selectively: winter hats


*Please call ahead to bring any large consignment items (strollers, highchairs, bassinets, etc). Thanks!*