Diaper Sprayer


RinseWorks™ is an innovative developer and manufacture of high quality Handheld Bidets / Shattafs , Diaper Sprayers, and specialty plumbing products. With over 24 years experience in manufacturing specialty plumbing products, RinseWorks™ offers the highest quality and  innovative products on the market. All of RinseWorks™ products are made, assembled, tested and packaged in the USA with domestic & global components. The new Aquaus 360° allows you to easily connect a hand held Bidet / Shattaf, Diaper Sprayer to Toilets, Faucets and Showers for a warm and cool water Bidet / Diaper Sprayer at an affordable price, without tools or a plumber.

New!!! Aquaus 360°

The New!! Patented, Aquaus 360° is the most user-friendly and comfortable to hold & maneuver Hand Held Bidet / Shattaf, Diaper Sprayer and Multi-Use Spray ever made. What makes the Aquaus 360° unique is the dual thumb pressure controls on both sides of the sprayer.  Dual thumb controls on the sprayer combined with the easy turn ceramic seals make adjusting the spray pressure very ease allowing you to easily and neatly rinse your front and back bottom areas while comfortably sitting on the toilet.  No other type Bidet offers you an easier way of rinsing your front and back bottom areas as the Aquaus 360°.