Cloth Diaper Workshop

Join Nesting House owner, Jen Kinka for our next cloth diaper workshop! Attending this workshop will demystify and simplify cloth diapering and give you the knowledge and confidence to get started.

You will walk away with an understanding of the different types and brands of diapers we offer, how to care for them, and why cloth diapering makes good economic and environmental sense.

After attending the workshop, please take advantage of the many services we offer to support your family in your sustainable parenting efforts.

Free cloth diaper and carrier support from our experienced educators.

10% off your cloth diaper purchase for attending the workshop. (Cannot be combined with other offers).

Discounted Newborn Diaper Bundle. Purchase all the diapers you will need for the first few months at a discounted price (and for the same cost as disposables), then sell them back to us when you are finished for store credit or cash.

Free 30-day diaper trial. Only at The Nesting House can you choose up to 10 different brands/types/styles of diapers, use them for a month, then return the ones you don't want for a full refund!

Shop our unique inventory of both new and gently used diapers to build or maintain the exact diaper assortment that works dor your family practically and financially.

Our free weekly meet up for parents of pre-crawlers is informal, inclusive and may be where you and your baby make a few lifelong friends along the way! Find details here.