what we buy

children's clothing & linens

  • clothing through 12 years
  • shoes up to size 3 youth
  • swimwear, jackets, coats, and snow gear (seasonally)
  • rain gear (year round)
  • hats, gloves, and mittens
  • socks and underwear
  • sleep sacks, swaddles, blankets
  • bibs, burp cloths, and towels

newborn essentials & gear

  • cloth diapers and accessories!
  • glass, silicone & stainless bottles
  • current parenting books
  • infant tubs and seats
  • training underwear and potties

play & learn items

  • children’s paperback, hardcover, and board books
  • toys, games, and puzzles
  • push walkers and activity cubes
  • halloween costumes & dress up clothes

pregnancy & nursing wear

  • underwear, bras, tanks, tees
  • leggings & activewear
  • loungewear
  • dresses & rompers
  • sweaters & shirts
  • denim
  • pajama sets
  • swimwear
  • outerwear
OUR BUYING SEASONS: July - January for fall & winter items | February - June for spring & summer items | NEW! we'll buy off-season items for $1

what we usually consign

  • bassinets
  • co-sleepers
  • moses baskets
  • mini cribs
  • bouncers 
  • strollers
  • wagons
  • changing pads
  • diaper bags
  • carriers
  • travel cribs 
  • high chairs
  • stationary exersaucers
  • doorway jumpers
  • play gyms
  • play kitchens
  • wooden climbers 
  • learning towers
  • activity tables
  • activity cubes
  • hiking carriers 
  • bike seats, bike trailers
  • push toys and walkers
  • kids' bikes & scooters

what we DO NOT buy

items with an original price that is the same or less than our used price (ex. clearance or discount clothing)

items with odor or allergens like mildew, smoke, dust, pet hair, and chemical fragrance from scented detergents, softeners, and dryer sheets (take a look below at our suggested methods for reducing or eliminating strong scents or odors from fabrics)

  • items that are aged or dated
  • items that are overly worn, stained, or have holes
  • nursing pillows (unless new)
  • full sized furniture like cribs, dressers, nursery chairs
  • extra large swings
  • car seats
  • exersaucers on wheels
  • most stroller accessories without the stroller
  • breast pumps and parts
  • bottle warmers and sanitizers
  • plush toys (unless new)
  • shopping cart covers
  • infant head rests
  • crib bumpers
  • children's formal suits and gowns
  • plastic bottles 
  • bottle nipples, pacifiers (unless new)

tips for removing strong odors or fragrances

  • drape or hang items outside for up to 48 hours to let fresh air and sunlight do their thing (turn items inside out to prevent sun fading)
  • soak items in water and an oxy-booster, and/or vinegar and baking soda
  • wash items on machine's heavy duty setting with an extra rinse cycle, using fragrance-free detergent and an oxy-booster
  • repeat the steps above as often as needed until scent or odor is significantly reduced or gone
  • machine dry on highest temperature setting the items can accommodate