Prepping your cloth diapers:

  • Micro-terry and Microfiber– Wash one time on hot with detergent.
  • Cotton, Hemp and Bamboo– Wash 5-6 times on hot.  This strips the natural oils out of the diapers to enable them to be absorbent.
  • *Prep your natural diapers separate from the rest of your stash so that you do not contaminate your micro-terry with oils!

Washing your cloth diapers:

  • Remove solids waste from diapers (unless exclusively breastfeeding).
  • Run a rinse cycle on warm to rinse the urine form your diapers.  Some people put a small amount of detergent in this cycle.
  • Wash on hot (not hotter than 120) with a cloth diaper safe detergent. Do an additional rinse.
  • Dry in dryer on a low setting or hang dry. (Hook and loop is not to go in dryer.)

Don’t Ruin your Diapers!

  • Too hot of water can burn out elastic, wash on hot but not hotter than 120 degrees.
  • Don’t put hook and loop into the dryer.
  • Only use cloth diaper safe rash creams.
  • No fabric softeners or fragrance.

How to Strip your Cloth Diapers:

  • Stripping diapers can remove mineral, urine or detergent build-up.  Your diapers may need stripping if you notice that they are smelly even after cleaning or immediately after being soiled.  Another indicator that your diapers need stripping is if they are leaking regularly.
  • Wash 12 diapers at a time with 1/3 cup of Clorox bleach, adding an extra rinse cycle.
  • Alternatively, you may wash your diapers in RLR or Mighty Bubbles (deep cleaners).