Cloth Training Pants - Mermaids


CleverWear training diapers are a pull-up style trainer to give a sense of independence all while being there to help when small accidents happen. The CleverWear trainers are like no other on the market. They feature a pocket opening at the front and back of the trainer to give caregivers an easier way to customize absorbency needs. There is a universal snap on the backside of the trainer to make sure inserts stay in place. The CleverWear pull-up style cloth diaper trainer gives your little ones a sense of independence as they learn to potty train. The lining of our CleverWear trainers is a soft and absorbent hemp, cotton blend along the entire interior with triple layering added to the wet zone. This fabric blend helps your young one feel wet when an accident occurs which can sometimes help the potty learning process. Here at Cleverly, our mission is to be as eco-friendly as possible. This is why our cloth diaper lineup is now made with recycled PUL instead of traditional PUL