Rentals and Trials

Cloth Diaper Trial 30 Day


Go ahead and add up to 10 individual diapers to your cart, with the ability to return all or some of them for a full store credit refund within 30 days! A risk free way to try the different brands/types of diapers before you buy! Add this to your cart and then add up to 10 diapers (not more then 1 of each kind) to build your cloth diaper trial. 

For an All in Two or Fitted Diaper, a cover and an insert is equal to one diaper. Sometimes inserts are sold in 2 or 3 packs.  That's ok, it is still equal to one diaper!

If you want to find the best cloth diaper for your family and be secure about your choice before you buy, take advantage of the cloth diaper trial. Take home up to 10 diapers total, putting a deposit down for each diaper.  Wash, and use for 30 days and bring back any diapers that you do not want to keep for a full refund as store credit to be used on the things that you did like!  It is a risk free way to get started with cloth diapers and make to sure that you love what you buy.


Please follow our care instructions and make sure all diapers are returned laundered, dry and stain free to get full refund.  Please read our care instructions and specifically “how not to ruin your diapers” section to ensure that diapers are in a proper state to be returned.  Diapers that have diaper cream, oil, or elastic damage cannot be accepted back.  If staining occurs while in your use, simply laying them in the sun for a day or two will bleach them out white again.


You can pick up the Cloth Diaper Trial at any of our  locations or it can be shipped out (shipping charges do apply). Please specify store location at check-out for in-store pick-up.


*If you choose to ship back the diapers instead of returning them in person, you are responsible for the cost of that shipment. 


*Diapers need to be purchased as “cloth diaper trial” diapers to be accepted back for a full refund as store credit.


*If diapers are returned late, a $15 fee will be added for each week late.  Diapers will not be accepted after 2 weeks late.


*Only one diaper of each type and brand (eg bumgenius 5.0) can be taken as a trial diaper