Nesting House Clothing Bundles

Custom Bundle


Looking for a custom assortment of gently used clothing or seasonal accessories? This is the place to order sandals, shoes, boots, hats, swimwear, outerwear, or a greater quantity of a certain clothing type.

Please list of items you'd like us to bundle for you in the "order instructions" section. Include the size and any other preferences you'd like us to consider for each item.

Because the items you can order in a Custom Bundle vary so widely in price, the total of your bundle may come in higher or lower than the original amount paid. If lower, we will automatically credit your account. If higher, we will give you a call to go over the items we picked out and make further adjustments if needed.

Note that bundling takes time and care, especially if you are ordering a season other than the one we are currently in. Please allow 3-5 days for us to process your order.