Junior Foldable Lights Ecologic Scooter


A greener world on wheels: JUNIOR FOLDABLE LIGHTS ECOLOGIC helps families around the globe live and breathe eco values and choices. It’s made with 60% Global Recycled Standard plastic and biodegradable wheat-straw*.

A 3-wheel eco scooter for toddlers with patented steering lock and folding systems and an adjustable T-bar for kids as young as two, JUNIOR FOLDABLE LIGHTS ECOLOGIC has the same structural integrity as the iconic original but uses more eco materials for less environmental impact.

Designed with fun in mind, JUNIOR FOLDABLE LIGHTS ECOLOGIC also comes with battery-free light-up wheels that run on the renewable, kinetic energy of your child—the faster they go, the brighter they glow!

Enjoy family-friendly times and planet-friendly rides!

JUNIOR FOLDABLE LIGHTS ECOLOGIC is made with 60% GRS plastic and biodegradable wheat-straw*.

GRS is an international protocol that verifies recycled content in final products. Using GRS plastic saves tonnes of waste from landfills and mitigates the environmental impact of manufacturing.

Wheat-straw is a bioplastic that’s 100% renewable. Using wheat-straw diverts from the waste stream, is biodegradable, and helps other plastic decompose.

Choose Globber. Choose greener!