OsoCozy Better Fit Prefolds (6 Packs)


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Do you want to skip fastening your prefolds with a Snappi? Instead, use these “Better Fit” prefolds and just fold them into thirds and lay them into a cover! Traditional prefolds tend to be 2″-4″ too long and need to be folded in front or back to make them fit inside a waterproof cover. These prefolds are just the right length to fit inside standard covers, which means less bulk and a better fitting size!


These soft and absorbent Diaper Service Quality (DSQ) prefolds are the same ones diaper services use and are  meant to withstand industrial washings. They can be used as burp cloths, diaper doublers, or as changing pads. And later on, use them as cleaning rags!


Infant-Size 1 (6-14 lbs)
Premium-Size 2 (14-30 lbs)
Toddler-Size 3 (30-45 lbs)


Available in 6 packs.