Surya Moon Yoga

Prenatal & Postpartum Yoga - Group Session Package

Yoga can help ease aches and pains, release tension, develop strength and endurance and cultivate centeredness during pregnancy and while caring for an infant. 
Package 2: One three-class pass for group prenatal yoga classes (in-person or virtual) or group postnatal/baby+me yoga classes (in-person only)
Description: Enjoy three 60-75 min group yoga classes. Each class is tailored to the needs of those present that day, and is appropriate for any trimester/postnatal phase or level of yoga experience/fitness. We start with a community-building check-in conversation and a centering breath practice and/or brief meditation, then move into a physical warmup, standing postures for mobility, strengthening and tension release, targeted pelvic floor and core strength/integration exercises, and conclude with grounding cool down poses and supported savasana (rest). 
Contact: Sarah Charlesworth: