Mini Basic Set


Introducing the New SumBlox Minis.

The Original SumBlox concept is now available in miniature. SumBlox offer a unique way of learning through play. The original blocks have been used by educators, parents and children to develop a wide range of skills for years.

The SumBlox Mini set open up a whole new range of learning opportunities.

The SumBlox Mini Basic set includes a solid beechwood box forkeeping your blocks in when they're put away. Also included is the all-new deck of 80 Early Childhood Activity Cards to develop an incredible range of mathematical skills, from reflection, division, multiplication, problem solving, races, games and brand new imaginative creations.

The New SumBlox Mini Basic Set includes 80 solid beechwood blocks. With the same artisan quality and durability of our larger, original sets. We have specially designed the smaller blocks so that they stack just as well as our original set.

The blocks included are;

  • 32x single blocks
  • 12 x two blocks
  • 8x three blocks
  • 6 x four blocks
  • 2 x ten blocks
  • and 4 of each 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 blocks

50% smallerwith 70% more blocks!

Everyset sold,plants one tree