Teni & Tayo

Build Your Own Solar Car Captain Nosa


Build a car that REALLY drives with this STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) car kit! Your kids will be delighted and amazed as they watch the car that they built with their own two hands drive using only the power of the sun. The strong feeling of accomplishment they'll feel when they are done is one that all children should get to experience.

Our STEM "Build Your Own Solar Powered" car kit for boys and girls guides young inventors as they build and paint their very own wooden solar powered car. And guess what? The car actually runs when complete! Through the construction process, kids learn about problem solving and attention to detail as they read the manual and build the car. They'll get to witness solar and electrical energy at work firsthand and be they'll be fascinated as they watch the car that they built with their bare hands run around outside. Plus, there's a secret mission from our African superhero, Captain Nosa, inside the box that will make the kids feel empowered and energized to complete their task.

This toy will help spark your child's imagination, improve their critical thinking, develop their fine motor skills, and inspire their creativity. The kit includes all the parts to build the model car, including a 6-color nontoxic acrylic paint set. No need for screws or tools, and no need for batteries!

This kit is great for kids but it's even better when kids and adults work on the project together and engage in meaningful family time. Come up with your own designs and paint the car to make it uniquely yours.


o 3D STEM Puzzle Toy

o Sparks interest in Engineering

o Solar Operated. No batteries required

o Improves fine motor skills o Includes 6-color paint set

o Kids 8 and above should be able to build the car with no adult assistance. Younger kids may need assistance from an adult.