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like a faithful pet

Mar 07, 2024Jennifer Kinka

We recently began offering Bumbleride strollers. We chose this brand because they take the time to think critically and act responsibly in their design and manufacturing processes. The level care and quality they put into their gear is apparent in how seamlessly their strollers function and how long they last. And we know this from years of personal experience…

I used a Bumbleride Indie all-terrain stroller through both my kids’ infant and toddler years. So when I sat down to plan how we’d share this announcement about carrying Bumbleride gear, I found myself looking through old photos of how and when we used our own stroller. 

Like a faithful pet, our Bumbleride was by our side through thick and thin, rain, snow, sun, and sand. After my first child, James, was born, I had a long and rocky recovery. When I was finally able to get out of bed, my best friends visited, and we used the stroller to take him on a short walk along Forbidden Drive. This is a significant memory for me because it was the first time I emerged from the vortex of early recovery and new parenthood, and started to feel myself again.

A few weeks later, I took the Bumbleride out for my first jog in over a year. James slept soundly, soothed by the gravelly vibration. I broke a sweat and moved my blood in a way that had felt lost to me for so long. 

Then, the first time I drove a long distance alone with a baby, the Bumbleride came along in the trunk. We traveled from Philly to Sea Isle for a day down the shore. I pushed this beast of an all-terrain stroller over the sand for several blocks. For the first two summers of his life, pushing my son in this stroller on the beach was the only way to get him to sleep, and it worked every time. 

When my second baby was born in early 2020, and the whole world closed down, we spent every day outside – the Bumbleride carried our kids along the grassy woodland paths of the Schuylkill Center, through the fields of West Fairmount Park and up and down the streets of our neighborhood. Countless snacks and naps were logged during these memorable months.

Reflecting on the six years we’ve had this stroller, it’s hard for me to recall the specific features that made me appreciate this piece of equipment so much. And I’m realizing it’s because it never failed us. The Bumbleride is so well built, and so effortless and intuitive to use, that I never really spent too much time thinking about it when we had it.

We’ve just passed the stroller along to another family member who recently had their first child. Still like-new several years later, our stroller will now serve its next family well. If you are considering an all-terrain stroller, I hope that this story gives you confidence in choosing a Bumbleride Indie for your family, too.

- Gina


From Bumbleride...

The Bumbleride Indie is our all-terrain stroller complete with a lightweight frame and compact footprint for ultimate versatility. It gets its smooth push from air-filled tires and all-wheel suspension. Indie has a lay flat seat and built-in infant mode. Ready to use from birth (with no attachments) and through toddlerhood. Debuting in 2024 with a 100% natural and non-toxic cork handle. Responsibly made and manufactured.



  • Built for all-terrain, (3) 12” air-filled tires and all wheel suspension
  • Infant-ready with no attachments, including lay flat seat and built-in infant-mode
  • Compatible with bassinet (sold separately) and infant car seats (adapters sold separately)
  • Lightweight, compact frame with spacious cargo basket
  • Easy one-step fold & standing stow
  • Health checklist: Non-toxic OEKO-TEX certified fabrics. Free from PFAS, Fire Retardant, PVC, BPA, Phthalates, Polyurethane Foam, Chlorine, Vinyl and Formaldehyde


Eco Checklist

  • Adjustable, non-toxic handlebar made of all-natural cork
  • PFAS free durable water repellent
  • Eco Fabric made from OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified 100% recycled PET (65 plastic water bottles per stroller)
  • Black colorway uses innovative solution dye process that conserves approximately 25-40 gallons of water per stroller
  • Dusk colorway uses a soft-to-the-touch, poly/wool blend for the interior seat lining certified by the Responsible Wool Standard
  • 50% of plastic frame components sourced from upcycled fishing nets
  • Plastic free packaging


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