the door to the nesting house open with a snowy sidewalk and cars in the distance, flips to the same view in spring with a blooming red bud tree in the distance

winter hush

Jan 04, 2024Jennifer Kinka

January. It's a new calendar year. We are encouraged to change this, improve that. Work harder. Achieve more. Grow. Conquer. But what are the squirrels up to? How about the tulip bulbs? Hunkering down. Insulating. This second half of winter feels like just the right time to draw on our reserves, use up what's already there, to turn inward. It's a thinking time. We can spend our time watching, waiting, recovering, letting go. 

At the store, we are resting from the holiday season and seeking connection. We blink and see all the new ways we can use our creativity, wisdom, and physical space to share a life lived simply, sustainably, and cyclically with those who walk through our door. This is our slow time. This is when we dream and build beautiful ideas that will carry us through the year. 

Soon we will begin accepting your gently used spring and summer items. For now we are moving through the winter goods you've already passed onto us. We watch the sweaters leave their hangers, the boots leave their shelves, and the baskets of hats and mittens melt away. We sell what's here, and make space for what's to come. 

In the front of the store, we play. We spread out into the void left by a season of gift giving. We dust and sweep, organize and assess -- we take the time to touch every single thing, to consider each object more carefully, to contemplate its purpose and where it may go. 

And at the end of all this, we emerge ready for the burst of life that comes with Spring.

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