the nesting house

babywearing rental program

try a baby carrier before committing to one

Browse our babywearing rental library of new buckle carriers, woven and stretchy wraps, and ring slings suitable from birth through toddlerhood.

Pay for the carrier you'd like to try then use it for 7 days.

Upon return, swap for the carrier you'd like to own, or receive a full refund les our $15 weekly rental charge.

Rent up to 3 carriers consecutively until you find the perfect fit!

babywearing rental program details

It is your responsibility to use the carrier correctly. The Nesting House is not responsible for misuse of the carrier.

consider utilizing our free weekly cloth & carrier support hours to help with proper fit and use.

Prior to each use, please check the carrier for any damage. Avoid smoke and other strong fragrance (perfumes, lotions, detergents etc) while using the carrier.

Return the carrier clean, not dirty or stained. We suggest spot cleaning the carrier if needed with a damp washcloth. DO NOT machine wash or dry the carrier.

Upon a return, a staff member will inspect the carrier. Any issues identified upon return may result in an additional charge up to the full retail price of the carrier.

Rentals returned late will be charged a $15-per-week late fee. After 14 days, the carrier purchase becomes non-refundable and non-returnable.

cloth & carrier support hours are wednesdays, fridays, and saturdays from 10-2