Happy Baby

Happy Baby Onbuhimo Carrier - Cider


The newest addition to Happy Baby's carrier collection, the Happy Onbuhimo – a beautiful and simple, Japanese-inspired waistless carrier.

Designed to support a high back carry position, Happy Baby's Onbuhimo provides your baby with a view of the world from your level in comfort and style. 

Carry Positions: Front (inward facing), Back


+ Designed for use with babies/toddlers 7-40 lbs
+ Hidden pocket carries sun cover with room for extra storage
+ Comfortably worn by caregivers of different sizes
+ Great for pregnant moms as it has no waistband
+ 30-50% lighter than most SSC currently on the market
+ Folds up small and easily fits in a purse or diaper bag
+ Ergonomic shoulder design features slim profile
+ Sleek and minimal design
+ Made in the USA with imported fabric

+ Compliant with CPSIA and ASTM standards